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Inversed Cooldown Inversed Cooldown

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Firstly, your drums sound good, but there's no progression in your purcussion section that builds up. Even if you're using drum loops there are techniques that you can use to make more of a build up as the song starts off. The kick fill is a little too clicky sounding as well.

Secondly, you did a very good job with the melody and harmonies, they all flow well together, and it's a very unique section when the piano goes off in a solo. The synth sounds could use a bit more work, but you for sure are on the right track. Keep it up!

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AeronMusic responds:

Kick fill? Where? Could be the percussions you mean.
Thanks for your kind words! :)

Silent prayer Silent prayer

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This one has an urgent feel to it. When the beat first kicks in, would be nice to just have the beat and the strings play for a few bars, but that could just be because this almost reminds of something I heard in the Matrix (I think).

Aside from a few minor sound quality things, the only thing keeping this from a 5 star rating is the flow of the melody. I find that it's not focused enough, and kind of goes off track a tiny bit. But ultimately that's personal preference on my part.

Keep it up, did a really good job on this one!

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Tulvadar responds:

Thank for your time to listen to my song and to write a review. A liked your ideas and i will see to it that i put some of them to use in future songs that i create. Cheers. :D

Patience (Ambient Loop) Patience (Ambient Loop)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I like the mood you set with this one, very nice work on the sine synths with the volume control, definately adds depth to it.

My only critique is the clap you used has too much mid range going on it, it stands out just a little too much.

Aside from that though, it's a great loop. Keep it up!

Solfias responds:

Thanks for the review! I can hear what you mentioned about the claps now, I'm thinking about just lowering the overall volume and boosting the highs.

Aerospace Aerospace

Rated 3 / 5 stars

First off, you've really got the chord progression down on this one, it really conveys the mood you were going for (I assume).

However, the drums and the low end are lacking in this one, nothing that couldn't be fixed up with some more work though. Perhaps add a soft sounding bass sound playing the same sequence on the root note of the chords, and possibly doing sidechain compression on the lead and bass to give it a nice, but still chill, bounce.

Overall you definately have something going with this one, keep at it and you'll definately improve on the areas that still need work.


&amp;lt;HeavyDuel&amp;gt; <HeavyDuel>

Rated 3 / 5 stars

I like the ideas you've come up with. There are a couple moments when the sound gets a bit 'muddy' when you have the synth playing two notes at the same time that are too close to each other while in the lower register.

Overall good work though, keep it up, my suggestion is to work more on the eq and compression on your drum sounds.


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Deshiel responds:

Good to know. I'm still in training when it comes to mastering and those muddy parts you hear are the result of my current inability to deal with everything. :D


Carefree Carefree

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I have to say this is quite a good track you've got here. It has a bounce to it, and like you said, it could be taken as happy, but I feel it also almost has a melencholic feel to it. Could see it being played in a movie, durring a scene where the character(s) are just sitting around bored waiting for something. To me this is a fantastic job because it both was pleasing to the ears, and made me think. Great stuff!

johnfn responds:

Wow, I definitely wasn't expecting someone to describe this as melancholic! However I can totally see your description, it lets me see my song in a way I hadn't considered before. Thanks for the review.